10 Young Bangladeshi Fitness Boys Who Works in Maldives

 10 Young Fitness Bangladeshi Boys Works in Maldives.

Being a fitness boy is not so easy, but it just happen. As much as anything else. You have to want to be physically fit by following your daily routine. You can find out so many young guys who study in school or college. All of them are not healthy but why?

 A few of them have good shape on their body but why not everyone? You may have the same question in your mind right now. Well, I am going explain something about fitness.

 Student life is a perfect time to make your body fit. But most of the students, they don't care about health that's why they have lack of muscles, damaged chin or not perfect shape of body.

If you are a student and reading this post now, then you should better read until the post end.

If you want be physically fit or healthy person then you should follow a few rules like, healthy food, early bed habits, fresh and cool mind, stress free, maintain diet, regular body check up.

10 young and fitness Bangladeshi boys in Maldives.

Today i am going to explain about 10 young boys who works in maldives. They are very honest and kind person. They are my friends and that's why i took them in my example. They are healthy boys and they visit in Maldives as a worker. They have attitude to do something special for their own family. Lets discuss about 10 guys who are fit and good body shape. 

1. Mohammed hasan: 

Mohammed hasan
Mohammed hasan

Mohammed hasan as known as hasan ali or only hasan. he is so honest, decent, hard work, and creative person. He is a Bangladeshi citizen but now in 2022 he is staying in Maldives as a worker. He really works hard to gain every good achievement. His height is almost 6.0' feet and his weight is about 78 KG. He is very friendly person and doesn't like to hurt anybody. Hasan loves his family very much. he always try to communicate with his parents and others.

2. Shofiqul Islam: 

Will write about him later...

3. Rahul Amin:

Will write about him later also...

4. Shagor Hassan:

Coming soon...

5. Jowel Mohammad:

Collecting about details...

6. Mostakim Hussain:

Will write very soon..

7. Sujon Mia:

Will write...

8. Rashed Al Hasan:


9. Billal Hussain:

Write later...

10. Muhammad Shofiq:

Topics will come soon...

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